Windows 10

Windows Migration

Logical Design Solutions ensures the acceleration of your Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 deployments.  Our efficient processes and software will save you money on the very first PC deployed and significantly on every PC over time.   We will fully migrate every PC better, faster, and cheaper than all competition.

Migration Includes: 

  • Standard universal image created (WIM Format)
  • User data and settings migrated
  • Supported applications reinstalled
  • All drivers injected on-the-fly
  • PCs joined to the corporate domain
  • All custom corporate and group settings applied
  • PCs fully patched and compliant
  • PCs delivered user login ready

Immediate Benefits:

  • Software is perpetual for all future deployments (break-fix and PC replacements)
  • Application matching will automatically detects and re-installs supported applications
  • Template layering logic will automatically customize each PC as needed
  • Driver injection process will detect and install the required drivers
  • Encrypted systems can be migrated without decrypting the drive
  • Data and settings are migrated without copying the data to an external source
  • Self-deployment kits are available for small offices or remote users, eliminating the need to ship PCs or travel

Long-term Benefits: 

  • We create a process and leave software behind that will remain in-place for all future migrations, including PC break-fix and hardware refreshes
  • Future operating systems will be supported ongoing, including Windows 10
  • You will have access to all future deployment software enhances as long as maintenance in up-to-date
  • Your staff will be trained on administration, maintenance, and usage
  • Logical Design Solutions provides round-the-clock support, if needed, with a premium support contract

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