Migrate and deploy Windows with ease


LogicDS has been mastering the art of desktop deployments and migrations for over 20 years.  Reimaging a PC may take many forms; however, our process has redefined how the industry views OS deployments.


Swimage utilizes a “thin” image with a dynamic layering approach. This provides the fewest images with the most flexibility possible. Additionally, our process (end-to-end) is fully automated, giving way for the service desk to use reimaging as a tool for solving PC related issues. This can save hundreds of dollars per PC incident. Now for any reason, reimaging a PC is simple, secure, reliable, and cost effective, making any of the following events a reason to reimage a PC:



  • Malware/virus or bad application
  • Operating System corruption
  • Hardware replacement
  • Operating system upgrade
  • New PC standards due to policy change or acquisition
  • Routine cleanup of old PC to boost performance


Our customers will attest to our proven and consistent process that will lower the cost of all of your PC migrations and deployments. Some of the many benefits you will uniquely see with our process include:


  • Our OS deployment process ensures the PC is “Login Ready” when complete.
  • It is fully automated and is typically completed in under an hour.
  • Perform global PC migrations in record time
  • Migrate hundreds of PCs per day, (no technical limits)
  • Central management console to control all deployment workflow
  • Full integration with SCCM 2012, SCCM 2007, BigFix, Altiris, and LANDesk.
  • T-minus workflow to automate full-scale migration tasks
  • Predefined global PC future states
  • Live deployment dashboard to interact with any live deployment
  • Application matching to auto install all approved applications
  • Deploy to fully encrypted devices without decryption
  • Self-service deployment kits for remote and home users
  • Full deployment history and reporting


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