Operating System Migration

Operating System Migrations can be necessary for several reasons:

  • OS Upgrades
  • Acquisitions
  • New Hardware
  • Domain Migrations

LogicDS can help in the planning and execution of the migration.  We provide project management support that will help your company seamlessly migrate the end-users PC from the old OS to the new OS.  That is accomplished by using Swimage.  Swimage is our registered program that specializes in OS migrations.  IT allows us to preform, manage, and report on migrations using various methods.  We offer a zero-touch method, one-touch method, or a more hands on way of completing the migrations.  Through Swimage we can mitigate the following issues and concerns that commonly occur during the Migration process.

  • Lost Data
  • System Recovery and migration of PCs
  • Asset Management
  • Hardware replacement
  • Security
  • Domain Migration