Security and Encryption

PC and data security are paramount in today business culture.  Companies want to lockdown and secure access to their intellectual properties.  With that in mind OS upgrades, acquisitions, and computer replacement are also a big part of today’s business practices.  


How can you migrate a PC with encryption in place?


Migrating secure encrypted data can be problematic or can be done wrong causing the data to be unreadable after the migration.  Decryption is an option, but requires the end user to re-encrypt after the migration is complete and can leave a gap in data security.

Most security sensitive companies see few options to migrate or upgrade their PCs while keeping all data encrypted and secure. LogicDS has the solution.

LogicDS will migrate encrypted data using Swimage with no need to decrypt and no need to copy data off the secured device. In fact, with Swimage as part of the PCs lifecycle management, once a PC is initially encrypted on the first image, it will never be decrypted again. That includes any events, including OS upgrades, refreshes, patches, malware removal, BSOD, or anything that would require a reimage. This saves time, productivity, and money on every PC on every issue.


Swimage can manage encryption on any Windows end device, including:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • ATMs
  • Point of Sale


Swimage supports the following encryption tools:


  • Bitlocker
  • SecureDoc
  • McAfee
  • CheckPoint
  • EFS
  • TPM